Become a California Pest Control Advisor!

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Want a Career with “Room at the Top”? Want Your Professional Life to Make a Difference?

Become a California Pest Control Adviser!

Authority, Respect, Good Income, Upside Potential; work out of doors, meet and influence people, do work that “matters for our Country”-Just a few fruits of a Pest Control Adviser’s (PCA) career.

What is a PCA you ask? A college educated, technically trained, State of California licensed expert in a specific discipline of Integrated Pest Management in California Agriculture. PCAs can work for public agencies, but most work for private sector agriculture production or crop care specialty companies.

Are PCA’s important? Virtually all pest control operations in the State of California are either “officially recommended”, formally prescribed, or in some way “authorized” by a Pest Control Advisor.

Don’t forget: One half of our country’s fruits and vegetable come from California’s farms and ranches. Yes, PCA’s are important!

The opportunity: There are about 3,000 licensed PCA’s in California. More than 1,000 of these are over age 55. About 300 over age 65. The PCA industry can absorb at least 1,000 newly qualified individuals over the next few years. Start college today and there will be a PCA career waiting for you when you graduate……if you prepare yourself to qualify.

And 10% of today’s PCAs are women! The ranks of women PCA’s will grow in California.

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All the best, Art Dawson, PH.D., California PCA license number 124360!


Food Safety from Allan

Yep – What Art Said.

Over the many years I’ve been involved in pest control (and food safety), I’ve seen fewer and fewer young people seeking a career in this field. I’m not talking about just agriculture either – it’s even more pronounced in the field of medically important pests.

Several colleges and universities have reduced their course offerings because of a lack of interest. This situation is very troubling in a time when more and more food safety problems seem to be “in the news”, and arthropod borne diseases are increasingly prevalent. The industry needs new blood fill the shoes of us old timers.

Hopefully the “advertising” will continue and be successful in stimulating the younger generation to pursue a very rewarding career. They probably won’t get rich, but they’ll surely enjoy the work, and will feel a sense of accomplishment in protecting the health of their fellow human beings.


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