Thermal Pest Control Heats Up with Agro Thermal Systems!

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Thermal Pest Control Heats Up with Agro Thermal Systems!

AgroThermal Systems is the new U S /Europe based incarnation of the former Lazo TPC thermal pest control company. AgroThermal Systems is newly organized and located in Walnut Creek, California. It is poised to enter the “Very” Bio Rational pesticide market this spring.

You may recall that Thermal Pest Control technology involves passing a gas burner heat source through the orchard/field at about 5 miles/hour. The heat source (200 plus degrees at its source) is augmented with a continuous blast of air produced by a highly efficient blower system.

When the procedure is performed every few days to once a week, the cumulative effect is disruption of the pest/disease populations, stimulation of natural plant defense mechanisms including a specific stress protein, and generally improved fruit quality in the areas of color and fruit set.

It is thought that the plant’s responses are typical of stress responses which lead to survival characteristics like early maturity and abundant fruiting. It is true that the crops produced, i.e., table grapes have been unusually rich in antioxidant compounds.

You may contact us any time to find out more about this technology or look AgroThermal Systems up at

Marketing such a technically “basic” but revolutionary device requires specific knowledge of the farmer’s pest control and crop setting requirements.

One of our Post Graduate colleagues at Columbia University has created an intriguing survey in which farmers may participate in order to help us understand these requirements. We urge you to help us by completing this survey and submitting it to us.

Please take a look at the Grower Survey 

If you are a grower, please fill it out and return it. If not a grower, please pass this along to those who can provide the needed information.

Thank you for your help in gathering this information!

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New Diggs ….

We made he plunge and moved to the Big Island in Hawaii! It is indeed a wonderful place, but it does present some interesting changes. We are in the country, and like many such places, we must supply our own water. Instead of wells, water is captured via a glorified rain barrel termed a ‘catchment’. It’s a 10,000 gallon covered rain barrel! Like any surface water containment, it must be monitored for possible contamination.

To address the possible contamination issue, three filters (20, 10 and 5 microns) have been placed in the feed line to the house. After the last filter, a UV treatment unit was inserted that provides sufficient contact time to render the water potable. A bit of work to set up, but there’s no monthly water bill!

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