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Virus Kills Bacteria! What a concept!

We are looking for a few good
California PCAs to inform about AgriPhage for tomatoes.

AgriPhage, a bacteriophage pesticide product, is specifically effective against bacterial spot and bacterial speck of tomato. These organisms are
Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato.

AgriPhage gained California pesticide registration in 2011 and is now entering into its full tomato growing season in 2012.

AgriPhage is a cutting edge agricultural bio pesticide.




If you are a California Pest Control Advisor please email us ASAP at: We will connect you to AgriPhage’s key experts.

You will be provided with examples, historical information (six years use in
Florida and Eastern Seaboard states), and will assist you in determining if
this product is right for your growers.

This is a highly specific, highly technical, residue free pesticide.

ApriPhage is manufactured and registered by OmnLytics, Inc.,
“The Phage Company”.

The Dawson Company has become associated with OmnLytics, Inc. for the
purpose of sales development in California’s tomato industry. We are pleased
to help all California’s PCAs and CAPCA members with this product.

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Food Safety from Allan

Phages …. Something New?


Nope. It is estimated that phages (bacteriophages) have been around for
about 4 billion years. Scientists didn’t learn about phages until the early
1900′s. Frederick Twort of the Brown Institution in London, and Felix
d’Herelle of the Pasteur Institute in Paris independently discovered phages.

Initially, phages were engaged to treat human diseases such as dysentery.
However, the use of phages fell from favor because phages were difficult to
utilize because sophisticated methods and equipment would not appear for
many years. In the interim, antibiotics were discovered and their use

With the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, interest in phages has
increased. These critters are host specific and can now be manipulated
readily to produce very useful control organisms as presented above. Phages
aren’t new, but they have new uses!


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