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Formulators Alert!

Posted on 11/21/20 by

FORMULATORS ALERT! Add Ocean Organics Technical ingredients for enhanced Drought Stress management Dry Land Millet: Nebraska 2020 Dryland Millet (Golden German Foxtail Millet) Drought Stress: No Rain from Mid June for Eight Weeks! Yield Result: Yield Increase with Stress Rx 35 Bu in treated crop vs. 28 Bu in non treated crop Revenue Increase: $5,250/Acre […]

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California Drought ! the Most Severe Drought in California’s History.

Posted on 01/27/14 by

ART’S PERSPECTIVE: Drought! Historic Weather Pacific Pattern Drives the Most Severe Drought in California’s History. The “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” of high pressure, ridiculously huge, i.e., 2,000 miles long and four miles high, has been situated off the West Coast for 13 months since December 2012. This weather phenomenon, clearly described by Paul Rogers in the […]

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