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Formulators Alert!

Posted on 11/21/20 by

FORMULATORS ALERT! Add Ocean Organics Technical ingredients for enhanced Drought Stress management Dry Land Millet: Nebraska 2020 Dryland Millet (Golden German Foxtail Millet) Drought Stress: No Rain from Mid June for Eight Weeks! Yield Result: Yield Increase with Stress Rx 35 Bu in treated crop vs. 28 Bu in non treated crop Revenue Increase: $5,250/Acre […]

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Ocean Organics’ Complex 0.2-0-6 Asian Rice Production: Bali, Indonesia

Posted on 11/16/20 by

“Local Rice Seed”: one kg/acre produces 50 kg/acre clean rice! Complex 0.2-0-6 applied by backpack sprayer rate equivalent to 40 gallons per acre. Complex 0.2-0-6 rate is two qt/acre when rice stalks are two to four inches tall.

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