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The Dawson Company History:


The Dawson Company was founded in 2001 during Art’s tenure with Ecogen, Inc. Art was serving as a Vice President at Ecogen, responsible for Market Development: Living biological fungicides, i.e. Aspire Biofungicide and AQ10 Biofungicide.

Art had joined Ecogen from Elf Atochem, Decco Post Harvest division. He had been World Wide Manager at Decco. Decco was the market share leader in Post Harvest chemistry throughout the entire world.

XEDA Americas: Immediately after leaving Ecogen, Art joined a group of partners to form Xeda Americas in conjunction with the parent company, Xeda International based in Avignon, France. Xeda Americas is responsible for developing the famous organic sprout inhibitor for potatoes known as Biox A. Biox A is utilized as a sprout inhibitor throughout North America. Xeda Americas’ American partners eventually transferred their assets and post harvest intellectual property to PACE International of Seattle, WA.

Organization Style:

The Dawson Company is the center for expertise of a number of
highly qualified experts. These experts specialize in Post Harvest Technology, Produce Value Chain Consulting, Pre Harvest Technology and Farming Technology, Irrigation Technology, Post Harvest Produce Sanitation and Pre Harvest Sanitation. They specialize in HAACP, GAP and SQF food safety programs. One expert is well known in the field of specialized Agricultural Mergers and Acquisitions, another is specialized in Agricultural Intellectual Property, another is specialized in Agricultural Pesticide Registrations and Organic Certification.

Network of Consulting Firms – A partial list:

Cirrus Partners; Context Network; Fresh Link Group, “Gang of Four”; Global Agricultural Business Development, Hartono & Company; Business Development Advisors, Inc.; De La Cruz Consulting and Training

Business Administrator:

The Dawson Company is managed by the well known
Business Administrator.

Diana Jones

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