Technologies and Technology Providers

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Smart Fresh (1-MCP)


AgroFresh, division of Dow Agro Sciences


KeyPlex Micronutrients: Plant Health

  • Systemic Acquired Resistance
  • Huanglongbing (HLB), Citrus Greening Therapies in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean Region
  • Micronutrients for Vines, Vegetables and Tree Crops

Agri Tec Algaecide and Bactericide

Ag Water Chemical, Fresno, Ca

  • Algae Control in Drip Tapes and Reservoirs
  • Prevents Mineral Clogging
  • Reduces Bacteria Count: E-Coli

Advanced O3 Systems

  • Ozone Generators
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Dog Dissolved Oxygen


  • Ozone for Produce Sanitation and Produce StorageAqua-Tech exists to deliver sensible solutions for:
    Post Harvest Agriculture: Produce Sanitation; Produce Refrigerated Storage Atmosphere, Food Safety.
  • Agri Tech• Aqua-Tech provides Program enhancements
    Pre Harvest Irrigation Maintenance: Algae Control, Micro Irrigation Maintenance, Irrigation Pond .• Aqua-Tech provides Maintenance; Food Safety Programs including E. coli control and other bacterial control in irrigation water.• Aqua-Tech Golf exists to deliver needs based water supply and water feature maintenance for Golf .