International Agriculture:

The Dawson Company continues its mission – Introduction of Technologies…….. throughout the world.


Our favorite Ozone Sanitation Company, Aqua-Tech, Inc.,has been breaking ground in New Brunswick, Canada.  Atlantic Potato Distributors, Canada’s leading and most innovative fresh potato packer, selected purchased and adopted Aqua-Tech’s “tried and true” ozone sanitation system.

Atlantic Potato Distributors  known as the “RECOGNIZED LEADERS IN FOOD QUALITY & SAFETY”, is located in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick , Canada near the U S, Maine, international border.

All of Aqua-Tech’s ozone systems are designed and manufactured by Advanced O3 Systems of Sacramento, California, President, Paul Vervalle.

Aqua-Tech’s ozone sanitation systems for fresh potatoes are distributed by Exeter Engineering, Exeter, CA.  Exeter Engineering is the worldwide leader in technology designed for fresh potato packing facilities; specializing in design, manufacture and installations of fresh potato electronic sorters, graders, sizers, washers/sanitation and materials handling equipment.

Exeter Engineering invents, sources, manufactures all cutting edge equipment and computer technologies utilized in fresh potato packing. Aqua-Tech is privileged to enjoy a strategic relationship with Exeter Engineering.

What is the role of The Dawson Company, you ask?  “The magic of putting the players together.”  The combination of Aqua-Tech and Exeter Engineering has been magical over the years.  A number of U S domestic fresh potato packers have benefitted from this relationship

The Dawson Company and its key people have played key roles in technological adaptations and innovation over the past years.  The following list contains a few examples: .


International Countries Served

Sales, Marketing, Regulatory
and Quality Control


  • Apple Storage Products, Diphenylamine (DPA)
  • Fresh Apple Coatings
  • Fresh Citrus Coatings: Coatings Suitable for Export to the United States


  • Apple Storage Products, Diphenylamine (DPA)
  • Potato storage, potato sprout inhibitor, CIPC
  • Fresh Potato Sanitation: ozone systems for potato washers


  • Apple Storage Products, Diphenylamine DPA)
  • Fresh Apple Coatings for Apple Exports to the United States


  • Apple Storage Products, Diphenylamine(DPA)
  • Pear Storage Products
  • Citrus coatings and Citrus Fungicides


  • Citrus Quality Control and Citrus Quality Assurance for Imported Fresh Citrus


  • Apple Packing Equipment Installation
  • Apple Coating Products
  • Tropical Fruits: Coating and Preservation


  • Apple Storage Products (Diphenylamine)
  • Apple Coatings
  • Citrus Coatings
  • Citrus Sanitation and Preservative Fungicides


  • Pesticide Regulations: Harmonization with U S Citrus Exporters
  • MRL and Pesticide Residue Issues
  • Citrus Export Quality Control


  • Tomato Ripening Technologies
  • Tomato Coating Technologies
  • Citrus Coatings
  • Citrus Sanitation and Preservative Fungicides
  • Apple Coatings

New Zealand:

  • Apple Storage Products
  • Pear Storage Products
  • Apple Coatings for Export of Apples to the United States
  • Pear Coatings


  • Apple Storage Products (Diphenylamine)
  • Pear Storage Products
  • Citrus Coatings
  • Citrus Preservative Fungicides
  • Citrus Sanitation


  • Citrus Coatings
  • Citrus Preservative Fungicides
  • Citrus Storage Technology
  • Tropical Fruit Coatings
  • Tropical Fruit Storage Technology

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About The Dawson Company

The Dawson Company consists of experienced, hands-on market and product development professionals. We create sales! Our clients include Agrichemical Registrants, Distributors and Technology Suppliers with “Need to Know” and “Need to Sell” priorities in pre-harvest and post-harvest markets.