Pre Harvest Sales and Market Development
Decay Control, Fruit Ripening, Fruit Sanitation Chemistries and Technologies

Pre Harvest Market Intelligence

  • Identify Pre Harvest Market Niches
  • Identify Pre Harvest Decision Makers
  • Motivate Pre Harvest Decision Makers
  • Identify Pre Harvest Marketing Strategies

Pre Harvest Efficacy Trials

  • Perform Pre Harvest Decay Control Trials
  • Perform Pre Harvest Fruit Ripening Trials
  • Perform Pre Registration Trials
  • Perform Comparative Efficacy Trials

Pre Harvest Product Registration and Post Harvest Organic Certification

  • Plan Pre Harvest Pesticide Registration Strategy
  • Prepare Pre Harvest Registration Submissions for U S EPA and U S States
  • Personal U S EPA Meeting and Discovery Sessions
  • OMRI, WSU, NOP Organic Certification Preparation and Submission

Pre Harvest Market Penetration

  • Create Pre Harvest Marketing Strategies: Direct Sales? Distributor Sales?
  • Create Pre Harvest Chemical Application Strategies
  • Create Pre Harvest Chemical Fungicidal Resistance Strategies
  • Create Sales!