Arthur J. Dawson, Ph.D.
4195 Chino Hills Parkway, #340
909 957 0507, art.dawson @ verizon.net

Agrichemical Product Development: California and World Wide

Experienced product development expert serving Agrichemical manufacturers and registrants for product introduction and market penetration of novel and conventional technologies: crop production, produce sanitation, post harvest preservation and irrigation quality. Background in certified organic chemicals and in post harvest technologies. Consulting conducted on behalf of multinational and domestic agrichemical companies and their key agricultural
producer clientele.

Professional History

The Dawson Company – 2001 to Present

The Dawson Company provides product development and process development services applied to the fresh produce farming and fresh packing industry. These products and processes are directed toward pesticide free crop production, preservation/sanitation of fresh
produce after harvest, sanitation of irrigation and processing water.

The Dawson Company’s agrichemical clientele consists of multinational companies positioned to deliver new technologies into the U S market in a manner consistent with the current and emerging needs. The Dawson Company’s agricultural producer contacts comprise the prospect list for its agrichemical clientele. These are farming/packing companies able to adopt new technologies in a strategic manner. They are constantly adjusting to current business issues such as food safety, and organic crop production. These producers find themselves in continuous realignment to the requirements of organic produce marketing, sustainability requirements, food safety and incremental profitability.

Art Dawson is the founder and President of The Dawson Company, directing a number of selected associates and technical collaborators.
He is also the current author/editor of “The Heartbeat of Agricultural Technology”, e based magazine, which informs over 2500 individuals on cutting edge technology issues each month.

Previous Professional History

1999 – 2001:

Ecogen, Inc.

Vice President for Fungicides.

Specializing in living biological organisms developed to replace typical agrichemical chemistries in the U S post harvest produce industry. Special involvement in Columbia Basin Master Discharge Permit compliance vis a vi pesticide discharge along the Washington and Oregon Columbia River drainage.

1989 -1999:

Elf Atochem North America, Decco U. S.

General Manager World Wide.

Responsible for Post Harvest Agrichemical development, sales, and product application services utilized by Fresh Produce Packing Facilities located throughout North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, etc. Supervisor of edible product and pesticide registrations/certifications in all customer’s countries. Oversight responsibility for chemical formulation facilities in U S, France, Israel, Italy, Spain, China (PRC). Responsible for all environmental compliance issues for each formulation facility. Total product sales: $40,000,000 annually.

1984 – 1989:

Dole Fresh, Inc.

Manager Quality Control, Dole Citrus Company.

Responsible for quality assurance and regulatory compliance for Dole fresh citrus packing facilities in California and Florida. Responsible for California Proposition 65 compliance, U S EPA discharge requirements and for environmental remediation projects throughout the fresh citrus operations. Supervised remediation of subterranean petroleum discharge plumes, fuel oil storage facility remediation, all compliance projects.

1978 – 1983:

Sunkist Growers, Inc.

Manager, Fresh Fruit R&D Fruit Sciences Group

Responsible for interface services between all Sunkist member fresh packing facilities and pertinent regulatory agencies in the locality of the member packing facilities. Agencies included Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Regional Air Quality Control Boards, California Department of Food and
Agriculture. At the time, Sunkist Growers’ cooperative membership consisted of 5,000 individual citrus farmers and their respective cooperative packing associations in California.


Personal History

Current Resident:

Chino Hills, California 91709


B.S., Cal Poly University, Pomona, California,
Fruit Industries major


M.S., University of California, Riverside, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences


Ph.D., Plant Physiology, University of California, Riverside – 1978: Dissertation: Herbicide Metabolism by Citrus

Food Safety:

Western Institute for Food Safety and Security,
Jan 2007, Terminal Market/Distributor Bioterrorism Exercise

Food Safety:

University of Florida Tomato Packing Industry
Food Safety Certificate, Sept 2008


California Certified Organic Farmers,
Member since 2007.